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My “things to do ” list (one down)!!!

Since it’s super late to write about my things to do for this year, I’m going to start listing down all the things I’m “planning” or “hoping to accomplish” for next month August 2010 to December 2010 (Not in order).

Here it goes:

!. Go to parlor and have my hair re-bonded (My hair doesn’t look good anymore…hehe…Hoping to accomplish this on December not really my priority)

2. Cook spaghetti and fried chicken or lumpiang shanghai for my mother’s birthday on August 14 (Even though she’s not with us anymore… = ( … I really miss my mom)

3. Date with my “Mahal” on our 22nd monthsary (our special day is every 14th of the month… I’m crossing my fingers for this because it’s been ages since our first and last date which was our first month together @ MOA-Mall of Asia / Nov. 14, 2008…haha)

4. Clean my room and dispose some trash (the last time I clean my room??hmmmm…I can’t even remember…haha lol…)

5. Buy new clothes and shoes (It’s been I think 2 years since I bought new shoes and 2 months for new clothes…Imagine I survived for 2 years without buying new shoes!! That only means I’m sooooo poor…yaiks!!)

6. Eat at all restaurants that I’ve never tried before at least every pay day.

7. Open new savings account. (I felt really bad when I closed my first ever savings account this month because i badly needed the money. Haayss…)

8. Go to the Dentist. (This is a must must must!! It’s been a year or two I think since the last time I went to the Dentist… eeewww!! what a shame…)

9. Buy new shirt or shorts for my Dad and grandfather.

10. Buy new glasses, plates and bowls for our kitchen.

11. Cook for my Dad’s birthday on October 28. (But we’re going to celebrate it Saturday, October 30)

12. Visit my mother and grandmother’s grave.

13. Go out with friends.

14. Treat my Dad and Grandfather on my Birthday. (Family first of course! Then a date with my boyfriend and friends @ Metrowalk. I promised them already for a treat on my birthday…haha)

15. Buy eyeliner…hehe

16.Improve skin color… (I don’t know how but will try this one brand of soap recommended by one of my favorite blogger-Ms. Jane Chua)

One down…hahaha…



Di Lang Ikaw by Juris

Pansin mo ba ang pagbabago?
Di matitigan ang iyong mga mata
Tila di na nananabik
Sa iyong yakap at halik
Sana’y malaman mo
Hindi sinasadya
Kung ang nais ko ay maging Malaya


Di lang ikaw
Di lang ikaw ang nahihirapan
Damdamin ko rin ay naguguluhan
Di lang ikaw
Di lang ikaw ang nababahala
Bulong ng isip wag kang pakawalan
Ngunit puso ko ay kailangan kang iwan

Pansin mo ba ang nararamdaman
Di na tayo magkaintindihan
Tila hindi na maibabalik
Tamis ng yakap at halik
Maaring tama ka lumalamig ang pagsinta
Sana’y malaman mong di ko sinasadya
*Repeat Chorus

Di hahayaang habang buhay kang saktan
Di sasayangin ang iyong panahon
Ikaw ay magiging Masaya
Sa yakap at sa piling ng iba
*Repeat Chorus

More lyrics:

Haaayysss…Kakarelate talaga ako sa song na to…Love it…it’s really nice listening to the voice of Juris…It’s relaxing, makes me feel sleepy and nakakain-love ang kanyang voice and also yung mga songs niya… Sana I have the same voice like her (hehe in my dreams…)


7.19.10- I had my TUV result this morning, everything was normal except I have a “Polycystic right ovary or what we called “Hormonal Imbalance” (A hormone imbalance is when there is too little or too much of a particular hormone in one’s body. Hormones are the chemical messengers in the body that travel the bloodstream to the organs and tissues. They slowly work and affect many of the body’s processes over time. Endocrine glands, which are special groups of cells, make hormones. There are multiple causes for hormone imbalance, but the majority of cases are experienced due to estrogen dominance or increased amounts of estrogen in the body and not enough of progesterone. Common causes include birth control pills, stress, overuse of cosmetics, and non organic animal products. Other medical causes include genetics, obesity, and tumors. Other causes include lack of exercise, pregnancy, lactation, auto antibody production, and a sedentary lifestyle. Of all of these causes, obesity is the number one medical cause for hormone imbalance while pregnancy is the number one lifestyle change that causes the condition. Some of the symptoms experienced during hormone imbalance are shared by male and female, while some are more specific to each gender. Some of the most commonly shared symptoms include fatigue, skin problems or acne, mood swings, weight problems, diminished sex drive, and no memory. If the reactions become more severe then we run into actual hormone allergy where we find a group of more serious disorders. [3] The disorders include arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and anxiety attacks. The presence of urinary tract infections, increased dryness in the mouth, eyes, genitalia, or abnormal heartbeat can also be experienced. The majority of these symptoms are experienced due to menopause.

I had hormonal imbalance since I was college. It was treated with a pill (don’t remember the name of the pill). My menstruation became normal for months while taking the pill but the side effect was I became fat because I’m always craving for food, hehe… So the doctor advised me to stop taking the pill. After a year my menstruation became irregular again. So the doctor gave me another low dosage pill as a trial to normalize my cycle. Hopefully it will help treat my abnormality…haha…

MOA Trip…

I wrote last time about the MOA trip with my friends…We had a good time kahit na tatlo lang kami and wala kami mg dates (sadness…hehe).. Let me share our trip that night…Here are some of our makukulit na pics…

Are we cute or what?haha…I really enjoyed that night…looking forward to do that again with my girlfriends…Thanks Liwag and Jhie for the Zagu treat…hehehe…

Mall of Asia Trip…

Tonight i’ll be going to MOA (Mall of Asia) with my boardmates, Jhie, Liwag and Josie just to watch their fireworks display…That event usually showed every friday night for the entertainment of all the shoppers and gimikeros like us…hehehe…

Let me give some brief background of MOA (Mall of Asia):

SM Mall of Asia (MOA) is a shopping mall owned and developed by SM Prime Holdings, the largest mall developer and owner in the Philippines. SM Mall of Asia is the 2nd largest shopping mall in the Philippines and the 4th[1] (Ref. Forbes’ World’s 10 Largest Shopping Malls) largest shopping mall in the world. It has a land area of 42 hectares and has a gross floor area of an approximate 390,193 m² (4.2 million square feet)[2] and 407,101 m² of total area. The mall is located at Bay City, Pasay City, Philippines just near the SM Central Business Park, the Manila Bay and the southern end of EDSA (Epifanio de los Santos Avenue). The mall attracts a daily average foot traffic of 200,000 people.

The SM Mall of Asia mall grounds consists of four buildings interconnected by walkways; the Main Mall, the Entertainment Mall, and the North and South Carpark Buildings.

The Main Mall includes shopping and dining establishments and the food court. The Entertainment Mall is a two-story complex, a majority of which is open-air, facing Manila Bay.

The mall’s 5,000 parking spaces are divided across two, six-story parking buildings conveniently designated the North and South parking buildings. The South Parking building houses the mall’s official SM Department Store, while the mall’s supermarket, the SM Hypermarket is located within the North Parking building.

One of the mall’s somewhat-unique features is a 20-seater tram traveling around the mall grounds to ferry shoppers around.

Concierge desks are located in the Main Mall and the Entertainment Mall.[4]

Tama lang siguro to para malibang naman ang aming mga hearts na bigo…wahahaha… i love this girls kasi they make me smile pag may problem ako kasi super kalog sila…

Sige na I have to go uwi muna ko bhaus dun kami magkikita kita e…Until next post…

So tired…

Yesterday and today are almost the same…I woke up this morning around 5am and guess what???I’m in a bad mood in an instant!!!Why??? My boyfriend text me that he can’t come to the office because he’s still with his cousins and friends having a good time!!! I already told him last night to go home early and don’t drink too much but he didn’t listen…

He’s always like that…Sometimes I feel like he’s so being unfair kasi siya lagi nasusunod (Bossy type ha!!)…When he said something yun dapat gawin ko…or else magagalit siya hanggang di ko ginagawa yun…But when it’s me asking him to do something even just a simple thing, lagi siya meron excuse, palusot at kung ano2 pang dahilan…

hindi ko na alam if kaya ko nagagawa to is because that’s how I express or show how much I love him or i’m just being a fool!!???!! (I think the latter…hehe)…Haayysss, lalo ko tuloy namimiss ang aking mom… She’s the only peron in this world who could understand me…who could listen to me without any reklamo and who could hug me tight and say “anak, i’m just here…Iwanan ka man nila lahat kami ng tatay mo nandito lang…mahal ka namin e…” 😦

I wish my mom was here right now… 😦

So sad…

Yesterday was supposed to be our happy day…why? because it’s our 21st monthsary (1 year & 7 months)…But unfortunately, we don’t have money because we haven’t received our paychecks yet…huhuhu…So instead of going out, my boyfriend just bring me home…hayst…Anyway, today while walking, I asked him to take me out to dinner, but sadly, he answered me this ” wala na nga tayo pera e, nagtitipid tayo yung dota SOP na yun”!!! Isn’t it unfair? For dota he always have money, but for our monthsary he has none…

But what can I do? I love him so much… Whatever happens or whatever he says, it’s always ok with me…hayst…Love…Love…Love…It makes me crazy!!!